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Helping Businesses Grow by Strengthening their Online Visibility.

Beekeeper Design Studio provides 100% Custom Design from Scratch with Superior Performance Optimization that Increases On-Site Engagement, Generate Qualified Leads, and High Conversions
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Our Strength

We're not just about making websites; we're about creating a strong online presence for you. Our team takes the time to understand your vision and requirements. We've done this many times before, so you can trust us to bring your ideas to life.


Branding is the art of crafting a distinctive identity that resonates with your audience. Elevate your online brand with us, where design and identity converge seamlessly for a lasting impact.
  • Color Palette
  • Typography
  • Iconography
  • Composition & Alignment
  • Voice and Message


Crafting visuals and user-centric functionality, we turn visions into interactive realities. We shape digital experiences that engage, inspire, and elevate your online presence.
  • Planning and Research
  • Visual Design
  • WordPress CMS
  • Third-Party API
  • User Experience


We also takes care of the website afterward. We do updates, fixes, and keep everything running smoothly. You can relax knowing your site is in good hands and always up-to-date.
  • Updating and Backing Up
  • Loading Speed
  • Monitoring Site Traffic
  • Version Control
  • Yearly Renewals

Our Work

Our portfolio showcases the magic we've woven for our clients. It's a collection of the designs we made over the years. Your vision could be next in line for our creative touch.
Mountain Soaps
Mountain Soaps
We redesigned the entire logo using Golden ratio for this artisanal, high-quality, handcrafted soap brand.
AA Academy
AA Academy
One of our long-lasting clients, we provide support in Hosting, Website Design and Development, and Maintenance.
Client Site Analytics
Client Site Analytics
We monitor the client's growth over time and adjust the strategy accordingly.
Agathiar Ongarakudil
Agathiar Ongarakudil
We provided an entire web design for Ongarakudil, a charitable organization serving food to people since 1988.
Jatin Sanghvi & Associates
Jatin Sanghvi & Associates
We provided Branding, Hosting, Website Design, and Development services for our long-lasting client, JSACA
Hosting, Design and Development. SoftHelp empower and foster an independent lifestyle for the visually impaired.
Logo design with all the Branding guidelines, was provided for the client, who is an Ayurvedic Balm Manufacturer
Teacher Training Landing Page
Teacher Training Landing Page
Landing page design and development for teacher's training in Abacus for our client
Thej Academy
Thej Academy
Domain, Hosting, Web Design, Development, Maintenance, and Promotional Materials for our esteemed client.

What Sets Us Apart

We bring together the talent of creative designers and the gold standard of quality to deliver tailor-made web solutions.

Our agile and dedicated team ensures seamless execution, yielding measurable results that leave a powerful impact.

We take pride in our commitment to on-time deliverables, absolute transparency, and an unparalleled customer experience. We focus on speed and scalability and we specialize in bespoke web development that transcends the ordinary.

Our personalized, unique, and handcrafted approach to website design and coding reflects our dedication to creating online solutions that are truly one-of-a-kind.

We excel in designing websites aligned with your precise specifications, crafting each project to perfection and constructing a customized online presence that consistently exceeds expectations.

What Sets Us Apart

What our Customers Say

Our client has been with us for a while, showing their trust through continued support. With many returning clients, it's clear they value what we do. Our annual maintenance further cements this trust.

I am quite happy with the way the website has come out and more importantly the systematic manner in which the Beekeeper Team took us through the whole exercise. Extremely professional in approach, these guys know their stuff well, came up with very good suggestions and more importantly went out of the way to help us migrate our site to the new hosting, though it was not in their scope, just to make sure our website launched on time.

It was a pleasure to work with Sanjeev and confidently recommend Beekeepers. Good people to associate with.

Jatin Sanghvi and Associates, jsaca.com

Most amazing website built by the most amazing team Beekeeper Design Studio. Critical thing about Sanjeev is that he asks a lot pertinent questions as a part of preparatory process to make the suitable website which is in sync with the theme and psyche of the client. Their websites are Simple, Highly creative, Cost effective and very significantly Original.

They always stick to the deadlines, keeps us updated every step of the way which makes it a hassle free experience. The ultimate output leaves us completely satisfied and fulfilled. All this has been done not only in English but also in Hindi, the language which they are not even aware of its ABC. Kudos to him and his team.

Nithin B Goidani, sreejiherbals.com

6 Reasons

Why We Differentiate Ourselves From Our Competitors

Operating with agility and unwavering dedication. Our results are not just a promise but a measurable reality, consistently delivered within stipulated timelines. Transparency is the cornerstone of our process. Our open communication, ensuring our clients are well-informed every step of the way.

Agile and Dedicated

We believe in the power of customization, offering made-to-order web development and crafted-to-perfection website solutions that ensure your online platform stands out in a competitive landscape.

Streamlined Execution

We ensure that your digital footprint is a reflection of your goals and values. Our commitment to efficiency and precision – partner with us to experience the power of streamlined execution in web design.

Measurable Results

We understand that the success of your online presence lies not just in aesthetics, but in measurable results. we're dedicated to crafting personalized web solutions that yield tangible outcomes.

Timely Delivery

Today's fast-paced digital landscape, user attention spans are limited. That's why we craft websites with Optimized loading times. we also focus on scalability, anticipating your business's growth and future needs.

Complete Transparency

We believe that transparency is not just a buzzword, but a guiding principle that drives our work. No hidden agendas, no mysterious progress – just clear and honest updates that empower you to make informed choices.

Speed and Scalability

We design with tomorrow in mind. As your business evolves, your website should effortlessly adapt. Our solutions are built to scale gracefully, accommodating increased traffic and content without compromising performance.

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Tools and Technologies

We employ a variety of tools and technologies for designing and developing your websites. We are continuously adopting new tools to enhance the visual appeal of our clients' sites, and we invest a significant amount of effort in learning new languages, tools, and technologies.
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